About Us

We are an “unconventional” family composed of three generations.  Grandma (Rhonda), Mom (Laura), Dad (Nick), Uncle Matt, and three amazing kids.  Our family is definitely not traditional, but it works!

Besides our Cotons Elsa and Cali, we have a Golden Retriever named Perry and three cats!  All of our animals and children run in a “pack” and socialize well with each other as well as visitors.

Who are we?


I am a wife, mom, and lover of all creatures great and small.  My husband, Nick, and I have been together since I was sixteen.  We have three kids ages 8,6, and 4.  They keep us on our toes!  We live 4 miles from the water in Huntington Beach.  We feel very blessed to live here, both because of the weather and the opportunities that we get to experience because of our location.

I am a former teacher who decided to quit my full time job when I was pregnant with my youngest son.  I am so fortunate to be able to be home with my children and love that my fur babies keep me company during the day.  My goal in life is to raise happy, healthy, and well behaved children and puppies!


I am the ultimate animal lover (except for rodents!), which I have passed on to my kids and grandkids.  I have three kids and three grandkids that keep me extra busy.  I am an advocate for kids with special needs, which I am passionate about.  I love to garden and read, and it takes very little persuasion to convince me that ice cream is a great choice for dinner…..I am the Grandma after all 😉