Cali- 3 months!

I cannot believe how fast sweet Cali is growing!  She is a definite favorite around here and lights up our day.  She is so different than her mama, it is comical to see what her little quirks are.  Cali is NOT a fan of the leash and freezes like a Popsicle every time someone puts it on her.  She is super sweet, but marches to the beat of her own drummer.  She often gets “lost” sleeping behind the curtains or in the laundry bin.  Cali engages the other dogs in “zoomies” around the yard (or the house) and lively games of tuggie and chase.  The kids carry her around and dress her up like a baby and she loves every moment.  We are incredibly blessed to have this little clown in our family 🙂


IMG_5116[1] IMG_5113[1] IMG_5141[1]