Introducing Cali~

This is California Cutie of Surf City Cotons.  She is a female black and white Coton born December 17, 2015.  She is mellow and sweet, but loves to wrestle and play with the kids.  She was the smallest of her litter and weighs just over 10 pounds, but makes up for it in spunk.  She is so funny and sweet, but like most Cotons, she needs to be with her pack in order to feel comfortable.  Unlike her mama, she is likes to be at home and “rule the roost”.  She saves the yard from unwanted squirrels, helps sick children feel better, and most importantly keeps us all highly entertained with her antics.

Cali is slow to warm up to strangers, but once you have made friends, you have a friend for life.  She is loyal and fiercely protective of her people, especially against rogue squirrels and construction workers with large tools 😉  Cali has never met a child she has not fallen instantly in love with, maybe because they are the best at dropping random treats and feeding her under the table!

Cali has passed all of her one year health testing to become a member of the breeding community of the mCTCA.


IMG_4644[1] IMG_4976[1]IMG_5141[1]