IMG_4746[1]Elsa on her first night homeIMG_3067[1]

Elsa is a tricolor, pure Malagasy Coton de Tuleur from Chico Cotons.  Her sire is Plato of Rogue Valley Cotons and her dam is Princess Leia II of Tar Heel Cotons.   She was born on January 4, 2014.   She is small and weighs about 12 pounds.  She can easily fit in a carrier placed under an airline seat.

Elsa always has her “bags packed” and is ready for anything.  She is our constant companion and always the first one in the car.  She doesn’t care where we are going as long as she gets to come too.  She likes the beach, mountains, and everywhere in between.  We have taken her to several different states, stayed in hotels, houses, and tents, and she is always the very best traveler in the group!

Elsa loves everyone, especially children and cries if she sees them and cannot get to them.  Unlike most little dogs, she is tolerant and kind to small children who are not especially gentle and follows “her” kids into all situations.  She watches them play video games, helps with homework, and sleeps in their sleeping bags on camping trips.  She is the ultimate companion!