Sir Henry Prescott of Estrella Mountain Cotons was born February 4, 2017.  Henry is a black and white Coton weighing approximately 14 pounds.  He is a clever, cute clown and he charms everyone he meets.  Henry is smart and precocious and loves to do everything we do.  He often follows me to the bathroom, just to make sure I am ok 🙂  He was raised by PUPPY CULTURE, which teaches puppies to be enrichment seekers.  We think Henry has gone beyond that and become a thrill seeker!  He can open trash cans, close drawers, and was at the top of his puppy class.  He is always looking for someone to play with him, whether it is our other Cotons, our Golden Retriever, the cats, or even the tortoise.  It is so funny to watch him try to make that silly tortoise do zoomies with him!!!

Henry will be health tested in February 2018 when he turns 1 year old, if he passes his health tests he will be the sire to our future litters.  We would be so happy to pass on his funny personality to future puppies 🙂